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MedAir Products

MedAir is ca unique non-sterile disposable nasal device classified as a Medical DEvice Class 10, which can be used in several hospital locations, including the ED, and critical care as well as pre-hospital emergency transport and chronic care facilities. 

MedAir is an FDA registered device especially designed and designated to address deficiencies in currently available nasal cannulas used to deliver O² to patients with respiratory illness, particularly Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

As the MedAir is anticipated to be a modestly priced disposable utilized in well accepted clinical applications.

As it is anticipated that the MedAir will be manufactured by specialized external manufacturers., the USITC tariff schedule being not relevant.

Life span for sterilization, storage temperature and shelf life with vacuum packing are specified in MedAir clinical report.

For wholesale purchase, please contact us directly at CONTACT US page.

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